Framerate drop at higher levels

Played multiplayer docked last night for the first time with a friend last night. After about 45 minutes the framerate made the game nearly impossible to play. Is this an issue that is going to be fixed on switch? Anything on my end I can do to resolve it?

I had a really good conversation yesterday with a MOD about this. It happens to me almost everyday on an Xbox One X and a 4k TV. I found that once i reboot and clear the cache it fixes the issues. I do not think it is all the loot left on the ground in the Shaft as an example, i think it may be a memory leak someplace. The longer you play the worst it gets, especially in co-op, but not exclusively, as this will happen in solo play also.

That’s unfortunate, might be attempting to get refunded until the game is fixed. Really enjoyed the game up until that point.

Good luck with that, no one refunds these days. I bought a new game last month that totally stuck, hated the game-play and mechanics. not refund. They advertised it to look like outer World, but not even close. Horrible game
That is whats so great about Steam, you have so much time to say heck no, take it back. Not on Xbox, which is why i will never buy a digital copy on xbox ever again. At least with a CD i can sell it on an ap

Got a refund. Just explained that the game wasn’t playable after 45 minutes and I lost my progress each time. They made an “exception” for me. Hope this gets fixed, I’d love to purchase it when it works on a console I own.