Framerate drops on RTX 2070S?

I keep getting framerate drops to 50 frames like every 5 seconds though i have i7 7700, RTX 2070S and 16 gb RAM. What is the problem? I even put all settings to minimal, but that didnt work out. My friend has r5 2600 (or 2700, dont actually remember) and RX 580 and the game works fine on his pc, but i cant understand whats wrong with mine. Can some1 help me? I preordered super deluxe edition, but still cant play it comfortable.

Your I7 7700 may be the problem. I had the same cpu and would get bad frame rate. i upgraded to a R7 3700x and couldnt be happier. My opinion is, Borderlands 3 need at least 6 core cpu to run really well. Also… make sure DX12 is selected.