Framerate issue's

Recently I have been getting framerate-lag in borderlands 2. Does anyone have a solution?

Depends a bit on what you’re actually doing. Some areas are harder on frame rate than others, while having huge piles of loot lying around and/or lots of visual effects going off will also hit your graphics pretty hard. A good example is Pete’s Bar Brawl: loot does eventually “time out”, and at different rates depending on rarity. But if you’ve racked up multiple runs using Maya or a Gemini Axton with Double Up and Scorched earth, things will get progressively slower.

Mostly, the worst situations I’ve experienced over on XB1 are when playing co-op and someone has a really laggy connection, although having multiple Mayas and/or Axtons can also hit frame rate pretty hard.

Next time you notice your frame rate lagging, make a note of where you are, who you’re fighting, and how much loot is lying around. It may be that a simple save-quit-restart, or FT to a different area, will fix the problem. If that’s not it, try and narrow it down more - is it a particular map, co-op versus solo, some other circumstance?

Well the problem is it happens everywhere.
I just made a new Krieg and killed captain flint but the frames still lower. Also happens on my TVHM playtrough Zer0 and my Mechromancher. I have tried deleting other games from my system but it didn’t work.

Do other games with similar graphics have the same problem on your system?

You could also try going into the Game menu, Options, Graphics, and seeing if tweaking some of the settings helps at all. The game did have major frame rate issues when the Handsome Collection originally launched, but that was greatly improved with the 1.02 update in the spring of 2015.