Framerate / Motion Judder Issues reported when moving / turning Head

Hi BL2 VR Devs,

there have been several Reports about a Framedrop Issue when moving Head

at Reddit PSVR Forums

Borderlands 2 vr’s framerate leaves a lot to be desired

Borderlands 2 VR needs some serious fixing

In a current BL2 VR Youtube Review by shugghead1981 - ( Timestamped Review Part )

I can also verify that when turning Head the framerate drops and Picture Judders in some situations.

My System is a

PS4 Pro EU Version
Current Firmware for PS4 and VR Headset
No Boost Mode and Supersampling is active.

I can confirm this as well. I’m also on a pro.

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More here:

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Hey gentlemen. I’ve noticed you’ve been locating a few potential bugs or issues on a few threads.

For anything that specifically deals with issues that may be a consequence of a bug or something of the like, please fill out that form.

In instances where you have suggestions, please post them in the forum.

If you believe your bug is common enough where the work around can be found, please post on here as well.

Thank you.

In regards to this specific issue, please fill out a form and attach any files that may correctly show the issue at work (if possible) or describe it in detail. Thank you.

Hello guys, I’m Stefano from Italy. I’m experiencing the same framerate drops you’re talking about, it’s a major issue I only came across on Resident Evil 7: The Kitchen (which was just a demo, so who cares). But I spent 49,99 euros for this game (something I never do) and now I’m feeling like I’m playing a beta version. Choppy frame rate is always bad, and it’s even worse when playing in VR. I want to be able to look around and not feeling like my neck is snapping for some strange reasons. It’s unacceptable that a game that was released 6 years ago on PS3 is experiencing these issues on a PS4 Pro. Please developers, give us a patch! Thank you :slight_smile:


Hey Madscy, here’s a video that explains the problem even better:

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I wonder when we get a official Feedback to our Tickets and Forum Posts.

Speechless Community Service.
They do not even answer Mails haha.

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So I put in a ticket and was told the information could not be passed to the developers and to post here. This is ridiculous. The game has serious stuttering with head tracking and if we can’t put in a ticket what is the point in telling us to? I’m not usually like this but I’m going to make sure PSVR’s subreddit knows about this.

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I just did it was laughable. Here was their reply

Hey there Darth Vargi,

2K Support at your service!

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having some issues with a shaking field of vision in Borderlands 2 VR! Unfortunately we’re unable to pass feedback directly along to the developers of the game through customer support, but they are very diligent with reviewing their forums for feedback like this! I’ve attached a link below which will bring you directly to their ‘All Things Borderlands’ & the ‘Borderlands 2’ Forum. You’d be surprised how many people will agree with you so I strongly suggest you head over there and make your voice heard!

If you run into any other technical issues, or have any questions feel free to let me know!

All the best Vault Hunter!

Stephen D.
2K Support

\ 40x40 Darthvargi

December 28, 2018, 9:57 AM CST

Borderlands 2 VR is stuttering when I move my head. It’s pretty noticeable and makes me a bit queasy. I’m on a PS4 pro and I’d argue it’s one of the worst performing games on the platform currently. Please fix the stutter when moving my head. Oddly enough I don’t see it with controller rotation so it may just be an optimisation issue.

This email is a service from Gearbox Software Support. Delivered by Zendesk.


Unbelievable… :rofl:

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When you submitted the ticket, did you specifically select “Borderlands 2 VR” as the game, or just “Borderlands 2”? The instructions posted in the pinned thread in this sub-category by @RapZowsdower_GBX (GBX support) should be correct; if not, then he’s probably the best person to try and get things moving. (Pinged here so he knows what’s going on.)

Thank you for pushing this to someone who may be able to help. Yes I selected Borderlands 2 VR from the select/drop-down control. My request number is 133510 if that’s of use.

I received the exact same answer this morning. I didn’t really know what to think of it…my request number is #133439. UPDATE: after a few mails where I complained about the stutter, Sony was kind enough to give me a refund. I sent Sony assistance some links to various discussions about the problem (including a link to this very topic), and most of all I suggested they should be stricter when it comes to quality control, especially when PSVR is involved ( They gave me 49,99 euros back, which I have partly reinvested in Red Matter (a completely different game, ok, but a real gem, wonderfully crafted). I invite you guys to do the same, maybe this will help move things a little at Gearbox Software. Of course I’m ready to re-buy the game in case they patch it properly, and I do hope so, as it seems so damn big and fun! Please developers, hear us out!

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Did a bit of poking around, and there’s a second link on the 2K/GBX support site which ends up on this page:

Which is actually the one posted by Giuvito above. I think that one should go directly to GBX.

Thanks I think I filled this form out originally but I’ll do it again. I appreciate it! I love the game but it would be perfect if they can figure out the stuttering with head tracking!

I also have this stutter problem with head tracking only in Borderlands 2 VR. My other PSVR games do not have this problem. I tried the game both on a PS4 Pro and a standard PS4 and I had the problem on both for this game. I have the 1st generation PSVR headset; I guess somehow this game doesn’t like that or the headset or social screen hardware is faulty in a way even though I have no problems with any other PSVR games which I have a large collection of games for. Games such as Skyrim VR, Resident Evil 7, Evasion, and Farpoint don’t have this problem for me.


I see the stutter when I turn my head. It’s subtle, I could imagine some don’t notice. It doesn’t make me motion sick, but it is kind of ugly. So I don’t mind it much, but they really should fix it.

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I submitted my ticket via: (it seemed I had to first create a login at

Here’s the reply I got:

Thanks for contacting 2K Support.

I’m sorry you are experiencing this issue with Borderlands 2 VR, I will collect the information you have provided if you would like to send me any more information regarding the issue please feel free to, the more the better.

Videos of the shuttering happening in real time can really help us the most.

Please can you attempt the follow troubleshooting?

Step 1: Go to Settings > Devices
Step 2: Go to PlayStation VR Measure Eye-to-Eye Distance.
Step 3: If you normally use default distance (63mm or 2.5 inches), and you see this value is different, select Use Default Value.
Step 4: Choose Next, and then follow the onscreen instructions for measuring your eye-to-eye distance if needed.
Step 5: When finished, the system will save this setting to your profile.

If anything is unclear, if they’re questions, concerns any other technical issue please do not hesitate to let me know! We are always here to assist.

Best Regards,

Chris A.
2K Support

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Well it’s an improvement from my ticket. The stutter isn’t related to IPD settings though. I have noticed it gets worse depending on far you are from the camera but it’s the only PSVR game I have that does that.

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