Framerate & resolution

Any details on what it is for PS4 and XONE even though it might be subject to change?

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90 billion FPS

Seriously? … Can’t you actually wait for the game to come out then find out. A few years ago nobody gave a ■■■■ about FR and RES (as such) and now people want to know specifically before it’s even out. The PS4 will be great, the XPOX will be something like a Amiga 1200.


This is entirely untrue. Game performance has always mattered.

A game marketed as “competitive” with a frame rate less than the standard display refresh rate is a farce.

@Sunro asked a question pertinent to the game, and is hoping for a reply from those involved with the production process. Why would you take objection to that?


Okay folks, back on topic, without the platform warrioring. Ta.

Xbox One vs PS4 comparison more insightful than ever. It considers Microsoft’s previous price drops & backward compatibility news , and how it all contrasts with Sony’s powerful specs, graphics power, and exclusive games

Framerate means nothing. I’m so sick of people whining about it.


have to agree, Framrate is a good question for alot of players, al lthow some dont really care it is an issue for alot ot people, but in the end, no matter what framrate is listed, doesnt mean the game will get it, (hint: Handsome collection said 60fps, bit doesnt pull thru all the time, dips down to 14fps at times, Be nice if games that did state their fps actually did what they said, But whould be nice if this game ran at 60 or higher, but all gameplay videos have shown a 30fps play, maybe cause it glitches out at higher fps, who knows.

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Resolution I guess is less important for me atleast but a high framerate is always good - especially as the game will be played split screen by me (which means my framerate will be lower than one only enjoying the single player aspect of the game).

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No one is whining except you.


Move along folks. Discuss politely, or not at all. Talk about games, not other forum users.