Framerate trouble?

I played the beta or technical test or whatever it was a while ago. Started playing the open beta just now. The Framerate is horrid now, any ideas what I can do to fix it? It was fine in the previous test, now it is unplayable.

What are your specs? And are you running the latest drivers? I’m able to run at 1440p at a steady 60 fps on maxed video settings. All in all, even for a beta the game is very well optimized.

GTX 660, drivers up to date.

Game ran great during the last test, the only changes have been a few driver updates.

Yeah there are a LOT of people having issues with Framerate. It appears to be a Optimization issue with outside spaces. Ill get 50-60 frames indoors and on the same settings, same mission, drop into the teens durring some outdoors segments.

I turned settings way down and it was playable. Disappointing, as I didn’t have to do this in the previous test. It did seem worse outside.

Even with all my settings on low/off I have the same problem here. I can’t even play, having huge fps drops.

I have the same issues in multiplayer.

The game starts of fine, but starts having massive frame drops after 5 mins of play.
A restart fixes te problem temporarily but it means I have to end every match in a stutterfest.