Framing the Wet Week - it's innocent. what was I thinking?

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So after reading about the recent hotfix to TPS and what is now available as a drop that previously wasn’t, intrigued me. Enough to stop my BL2 activities and load up TPS. It had been a while, loading up Nisha was a blast. to the footage…

I ended up farming the Wet Week all evening. The drop rate was pretty high in my experience. Outlands Canyon wasn’t as fruitful. Stanton’s Liver seemed to be the right spot. I ended up capturing this rare event. Furthering my suspicions of Stanton’s Liver being the “prime” spot to farm this sniper. Check this out:

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Yeah, double drops happen a lot. I’m certain every enemy with a specific drop aside from badasses has two chances to drop their item, and rarely you can roll jackpot on both. Kinda like Terramorphous in BL2.

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Looks at the title

The wet week is innocent, this is a conspiracy!!!

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Whoa!!! I made a HUGE mistake(impersonating Donald Trump). LOL

@Chuck80 I can always count on you to dot my I’s and cross my T’s. LOL

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That is just too funny to correct. I like that you caught that. Lets all point and laugh at me. LOL I deserve it. :blush: