Franco Firewall challenge impossible?

Me and my friend are having troubles completing the last challenge we are missing of the event! The name its “Penetration Testing” and you have to kill Franco Firewall with his own cyber spikes. We tried both with his own and with the weapon anointment but it doesnt count! We also tried different Mayhem difficulties and without Mayhem but nothing. My friend has 1/3 becouse he did it 2 weeks ago and i’m 0/3 and now its not going up for both of us. We also followed some tutorial on the internet for the easiest way to do this and there’s nothing different on what we are doing… I don’t know if some recent hotfix (like the one on May 14) broke something obout this challenge. Hope someone can help us about this! Thanks

It is a pain, no doubt. I find shooting the spike does work, but there are things to look out for.

  1. If elemental damage goes through the spike, it can cause splash damage to kill Franco, and that doesn’t count as the spike killing him. I resorted to using non-elemental to shoot the spike.

  2. I try to do this in non-Mayhem. The spike seems to do very little damage. I have to get him down to under 1/4 health—and sometimes even then shooting the spike only takes off another 1/8 health. He shoots spikes less often than he replenishes his shields. So I’m constantly having to watch him, whittle him down again, be careful to not fully kill him, hope he sends a spike before replacing shields again, hope the spike kills him and THEN hope the kill registers for the achievement. (Despite doing all of this, it STILL doesn’t register sometimes).

Doing this three times is a royal PITA.

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My friend does not know completely how he did that one time. Than we tried 10/15 times and nothing… Thanks for your advices! We’ll try later with non- elemental guns trying to keep him low life! Thank you again <3

You’re welcome. I, too, wonder if a hotfix made it harder somehow. I did this challenge with Amara and FL4K before the May 7 hotfix and it went much easier (to the point that I don’t remember if I used non-elemental weapons or not). After May 7, I had difficulty with Moze. I did it last night after the May 14 hotfix with Zane and it remained difficult. Could be characters (I ran into someone else who thought it was harder with Moze), could be a hotfix, could be coincidence.

I struggled with this for a bit. As mentioned, you need to shoot Franco’s cryo spikes down; you need to do this while he’s at low health and not under an elemental DoT.

I’ve had the best success by whittling down his final health bar with an OPQ in very small bursts. (A non-elemental Vanquisher or similar might be a better choice). If you have him anywhere other than the final boss arena in the Villa, take out all the other targets if possible so only Franco is left. Then just wait for him to shoot out the cryo spikes and hit them before they hit anything else.

If you’re in the final boss arena, it gets more complicated because Franco likes to hide behind the giant sphere in the floor. When he does this, one or both spikes can get shot into the sphere and not travel. I found that going out to the side helped, but then you’re basically in the corner and a prime target for a Joey slam - that’s when having a co-op partner is invaluable!

My best advice is to persevere - you will get it sooner or later.

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My FL4K had an easy time with this challenge, Jakobs shotties/Maggie for the win with that character.

Zane was harder because my drone kept finishing him off before he could get off a spike for me to shoot. :stuck_out_tongue: (Eventually I learned to just not freakin’ have the drone out before a scheduled underboss fight was about to happen in the villa heh.)

The Fish Slap one was harder, until I just started pulling out a Face Puncher to do the deed (but make sure you don’t have ASE elemental damage anointments or anything going on or they could steal the kill.)

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I did this by just awkwardly standing in front of him. He’s sends out a spike, it explodes and gets down a 3rd of his health.

You justice keep hugging him while trying to sustain the damage and he dies automatically.

When he is @ Joey’s lair :

Pick M10
Use Yellowcake/Other mass AOE dmg weapon (nukem ?) once he dies , teleport to starting point , and try again .

Just try to farm SOMETHING :slight_smile:
After certain amount of tries it WILL happen.
I did this with 4 vaulthunters , and only with ONE i needed to actually DO this challenge. All others just happened.

Farm him for OPQ , and you will get the challenge. Yes , its doable with killing the spikes .

You need to keep him at low health (on low mayhem level)and shoot the spikes. It works , it requires some attention. Easy to do on Mayhem 6-7 (you cannot one-shot him , but can get him low pretty easy without dying) .


Just farm him with Yellow cake for your perfect OPQ :))

This. Just stand in front and let him kill himself with the splash damage.

I don’t understand why people are having such difficulty with this one. I completed it on all vault hunters casually, only needing to be aware that Franco was present and not nuke him. I hear that people say his spikes don’t do much damage, but they do significantly more damage than anything that isn’t the flavor of the month guns. Once you have him down to his flesh bar, just switch to any garbage weapon you find on the ground, tickle him with it to prevent his shield from recharging and then shoot the orbs as they are produced.

Go to the Joey fight and save and quit until you get Franco. Kill him and suicide to start the fight over. Don’t kill Joey. Eventually you’ll get lucky and you’ll get the challenge. I’ve insta-deleted him on M10 so I’m assuming it was his firewall. I was shooting him with a Boom SIckle on Moze. I might have hit the Firewall as soon as he spawned it.

The Franco Firewall and Fish Slap challenges are easy if you turn off Mayhem.

When you get him low on health use a melee punch or something to keep the shields / health from regen.

Fishslap use a good take him to his final stage and use face puncher / fish slap grenades for the win. Spam the grenades.

All the mini bosses will spawn each run so you CAN just go to the normal mask spawn sites and you will find the lil bugger, or you can do it on Joey’s fight and just dont kill Joey but quit reload and it restarts the fight from scratch.