Freddie won't stop talking

So I started the handsome jackpot recently, and I’m pretty sure I’ve encountered a bug? Every time I enter a new area (fast travel) Freddie says his line about the loaderbots (did you have to destroy them?)… every single time. It’s especially weird later on in the game… I mean, it’s not game breaking but it’s really annoying… anyone else have the same problem or a way to stop him?


I have it on one character. I made the mistake of diverting to Sanctuary right after meeting him for the first time and now I get that line every time I start into a DLC map with that same character.

All I can suggest is filing a bug report (link in the pinned thread at the top of this section) - there appears to be no work-around that I am aware of.

I’ve had it happen with Freddie and Clay from Reliance on Eden6 as well but it’s inconsistent and doesn’t happen all the time for me

this bug happens sometimes for a reason that I don t fully understand and it stays forever. Me it is the Anvil quest I completed ages ago near game release. Every time I go here npc says ‘when you are born a fingerbiter you die a fingerbiter’ which is rather a good quote for this bug :joy:

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