Free Anointed Legendaries

Can be closed
No more stuff available at the moment

I’d like that hornet if it’s available! GT: Undisputed Dave (American eastern time, as of this posting it’s 5:00pm).

Hey man, could I get that Braunstormer (or Lucky 7) if thats already claimed?
GT dafatman911

Thank you big time!

May I get the 125% monocle? My gamertag is the lemonader.

Give you anything i have for the Dastardly Seein Red and the Cryo Ion cannot with SNTL

At work now, but be home in 2 hours.

Gt - xCalburxxx

Will still be on i 2h
Things are yours

P.s. i think you forgot an “i” in your gamertag…?
I have sent you a pm on xbox some minutes earlier about the lucians call

I’d love the rowdy seein dead with +1666 shield. I saw you’re after transformer with ASE elemental, I can help there too :).

My GT is Stray2615. Thanks

Yea. You where looking for lucians, but I was on holidays with family. Can send tonight

Gt is xCaliburxxx

Hey man, I will take the x2 ion cannon with corrosive 2 mags on ase. If it’s Still available. Gt is Ye olde wolf

Hi, I would like a Seein Dead class mod and the Scourge anointment with with 130% damage on clone swap.
GT = Chase D Gamer08. I will send you a transformer with ASE radiation.

I would also like the Ion Cannon x2 with life steal but if it is too much its okay. Thanks Tom

If it’s not too much asked, I would love the ION cannon with 50% ASE (shock).
GT dafatman911

Thank you very much!

Eveything updated

Any chance i can get dibs on the cost effective optimized Qsystem?

Which one?

Number 7 of the 12

Sorry cant see your message
What do you want?

Hi, Thank you this is so nice. I would like the storming Lyuda and the rowdy cheap shot Seein Dead class mod with the crit damage bonus. Thanks Stef
GT =

Could I snag that AAA with the 50% incendiary ASE?
and the Zammechat ION CANNON with the ASE 100% weapon dmg?

GT: Tenebrous Wulf

Hey. Could I have that Resolute Lyuda no element?