Free crap and trades

Lf a red suit and all Maggie’s (both preferably for fl4k)

The loot (all lvl 53, anointed)… pestilence (fade away and rakk) nemesis (sntnl and fade away) crossroad (ase) ripper (sliding) long muskets (ase and rakk) bitch (ase) laser sploders (ase and phasecast)
Flakker (Zane) brainstormer (iron bear) recursions (ase) conference call (gamma burst) Jericho (iron bear)
A bunch of shields and nades. Class mods

Message me for the details

Could I get the Ruby’s Wrath for Moze?

If I get my hands on a Red Suit for Fl4k or a good Maggie I’ll let you know.

GT DeadheadHix09


Np. Sent

What flak class mods do you have?

I also have a Maggie that’s lvl 50 I believe has a ase airborne crit

Fl4ks my main, so a lot. Which one are you looking for? There’s a good chance I have it.

My bad, some are prob 50

Do you have rakk pack with decent stats?

I have two you can have. Free.

Okay thanks


If the phasecast laser sploders are available, I can give them a good home. :smiley: . GT whatevercb.

I have a level 50 redsuit with a.s.e cool down… Any good to you?

Yes, awesome. I would def appreciate it. I’ll send the phasecast sploder on over as soon as I get the chance. Won’t be too long

i won’t be online for 4hours or so. im also on the lookout for 53 phasecast Maggie and cutsman. we can arrange something to trade if you want. :smiley:

Hopping on to send that. I’ll keep an eye out for phasecast gear.

Sorry, I missed your earlier message. Yes, I will send you the Maggie ASE 125 vs bosses. I guess send me either the DP laser sploder ASE, a recursion ASE or a R4KK P4K class mod if you have one. Thanks GT = Tom dot 66.

Not a problem. I’ll get you all three. It’s Tom dot66?

Far too kind. Yes - Tom dot66.

Is that recursion still available? Also what about the pestilence rakk and long musket rakk?


No problem. Can I still get that Maggie?

The recursion is gone. I have the other two. You have any gamma burst guns?

I dont have and gamma burst strange enough, I have a few fade away anoints if anything. But I do have a Maggie with melee 100% ase