Free crap and tradesss

Lf gamma burst guns (pref jakobs… Hoping maggies)
100% DMG to enemies hit by rakks guns as well. (Same preferences.) Also… dictators

Pestilence (flak) —night hawkin (ase melee) —long muskets (ase) —cutsmans (ase) —laser sploder (phasecast)— butchers (ase)-- tunguska (iron bear)— Jericho (iron bear) – lyuda (phasecast) – some shields, plenty of class mods. Ton of random guns.

Message for details or ?s

Is the Pestilence 53 gamma?

Is that a shock cutsman?

Anoint? I have fade away and rakk

I have one shock.

I’ve got your Gamma Burst Maggie

I’ll take that shock cutsman

What do you want for it?

Good news. I just came across a Dictator X6 gamma burst. I will send it to you. Maybe you can send me the Cutsman shock ASE 50% damage. Thanks Tom dot66

Awesome. Sounds good. When I get home

What kind of Butchers do you have?

Hey man. Sorry, I passed out when I got home. I don’t have a cutsman with that ase on it. I have 2 corrosive, 2 incendiary, one shock with gamma burst dmg I’d be willing to give up. I can wait and try to get one or if there’s something else you’d be interested in. Let me know.

Sorry, fell asleep when I got home. Butchers… I have shock (fire rate while sliding), reg (after attack command 30% lifesteal) and reg (ase next 2 mags shock dmg)

Do you have any level 53 recursive hexes with ASE 50% damage or 25% damage on weapon throw. Alternatively, do you have a level 53 shock Tedior 4-5 MIRVs homing. Alternatively, have you come across good level 53 artifacts or class mods with good secondary stats? It would be unlikely that I have duplicate of one of these items. If desired, I can borrow the item you send and send the item back the next day. I am sure we will work out something. thanks

I have a Kings call, it’s kinda weak. What wedding invitation do you have?

Okay great, no problem. Just fyi - I will be busy most of this week and may not be online that often.

That’s fine. I’m actually off this week. If i pick up some stuff I’ll send it. If there are other things you’re looking for, just let me know

I’ll take any free stuff for Zane
GT Inloveanddeath0

If u got any rakk attack stuff going send it my way. Gt ChilledFish88 thanks in advance