Free DLC Ghost Call Nade to whoever hasn't had any luck, i have 3

Anyone who has been farming the shotgun or nade i have a few nades, if u want one.

Hi. i live in an aged care centre in Adelaide SA. I love BL3 but am terrible a it i would love one if possible
Thanks and Cheers . Michael

Hi again sorry for no details
…redacted by PH…

The person who made this post is on PC so they wont be able to trade with you as you are on a different platform. I’d suggest you remove personal details from
your post, particularly your mobile number but also your e-mail address, they are not necessary here and you might have trolls prank calling you and spamming your e-mail.

why would you post your email and phone number? THIS MAKES LITERALLY NO SENSE

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Okay, folks, it’s gone.

Perhaps i thought it might be needed i know better next . So it made sense to me but not to a w…ker like you.

yep typical low iq hillbilly. have a wondeful day.

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Obviously hit a nerve : good

Thanks for the advice I will do as you say. I live in an aged care facility in Adelaide SA - and am not IT savvy- I did not know what was needed.
Thanks again Cheers M

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still available bro?