Free DLC on Xbox One?

I put my BL1 disc into the Xbox One and had to get an 8GB download. I had purchased none of the DLC for BL1 on Xbox 360 in the past by the way.
Once I started up the game on Xbox One, I immediately had access to all of the DLC’s for free.

I am not sure if this is intentional or a glitch but my friend is the same, he got DLC for free. I then put my disc into my girlfriends Xbox One and she got the DLC for free too.

Not quite sure why though o.O

Anybody else get free DLC?

Who is he and how do I inform him about this? Never used the forums before so I have no idea how to navigate this place.

yeah dude everyone gets it. I just got the invite for then new windows 10 dl, it is taking forever, been over three hours already lol, but will be over a hundred games bc

yeah dude, everyone gets it. I just started dowloading the new windows interface got the message a few hours ago, its gonna be AWESOME over a hundred games are backwards compatible, and apparently lots of free DLC>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YEAH YERRRR

Since I entered the Preview Program the only games I’ve played are Battle Block Theater which to my knowledge has no DLC and BL. I got all the DLC for Borderlands for free.
Do all 360 games have the DLC for free when played on the Xbox One or just Borderlands?

Hey guys,

YES! The DLC is included in the BL1 backward compatible version! Enjoy!


What about for BL2?

Please check the dates of previous posts, before replying to a topic, thanks.

Hi Nathanus_Maximus, I but the XBOX 360 disc into my XB1, the updates were d/l but I didn’t see the DLC’s.

How do I know if I have them?

If you have the DLCs, they should show up as selectable locations in the fast-travel menu (eg. the one in Liar’s Berg or Sanctuary).

You will find info on the BL2 “Games with Gold” over in the Borderlands 2 section - check both the BL2 360 Tech Support and Handsome Collection XB1 Tech support sections, as there are multiple threads in both of relevance to your question.

Do you have the links - I am not able to find the sections you are talking of.


Sure. You can either:

  • Click on the Gearbox logo, which takes you to the main page of category listings
  • Click on the “Borderlands” box above for a drop down menu of the same

Then within the #borderlands-2 or #borderlands-the-handsome-collection pages age you’ll find the relevant category listings.

Here are some direct links:

Note that the tech support categories are always near the bottom of the main pags. You’ll see threads about the BL2 DLCs with the “Games with Gold” backwardws compatible version near the top of each thread list.

Similarly, the BL1 information can be found here: