Free enterprise vs middle tree

Hey guys, I’m trying to decide which tree I want to start in.

The middle tree had The novas and suicide jacks sound cool but I feel like enemies are a lot of times out of nova range, leaving me with a empty skill.

I also like free enterprise tree has potential . for example the sponsered by skill,( who wouldn’t) , but I feel that to get there it’s a long boring grind . Plus the constant weapon swapping looks tedious.

Overall, I’m trying to see A) which tree is best to start in and B) I LOVE heavy elemental dmg. Love colors. So which tree has the most elemental potential.


What level are you? you should aim for this tree layout :smile:

Right now only 11. I’m looking for early builds and advice. I’m kinda liking aurelia for her elemental dmg but hate get NPC interaction…or there lack of.

oh true, well i’m level 55 jack and I find this very good all rounder set-up, I did the tree set-up in order of ‘hero of this story’ then ‘greater good’ then ‘free enterprise’

NOOOOOOO!!! lol there are a million ways to build jack, but you skipped my favorite skills in the middle tree lol. and wrist lasers are not that good IMO… but they do feel fun haha. Believe, leadership, teamwork, synergy are must haves for me. Even if you want to keep your jacks alive that is the best way to keep yourself alive as it gives you the option to run a bit and get really good health regen and you come back strong with believe and synergy boosting your damage.
As for OP @mjwillet1, I think starting middle tree and picking up teamwork is the best way to begin. Wherever you choose to go from there you will have enough health regeneration to push through many of the tough levels. This is my personal build,auto and I rarely use guns on mobs (grenades and jacks dieing/ shooting things is enough), but when I do I can get right up in people’s face with toby’s bright spadroon (Someone on here has a build very similar to this where they call this combo being a sith lol)
when leveling I did just what I told you and then from there hopped over to the left tree and used mainly grenades to supplement my damage until I got enough points to reach leadership at which time I respecced into the middle tree, focused on suicide jacks and built my damage there with believe and synergy. Whatever you choose to do, those four skills are my personal must haves. Things like on my mark are really cool and I used it for a long time, but it doesn’t work like it should in enough instances that I dropped it.

The Greater Good is definatelly jacks best tree. It makes him nearly invincible, and means you can kill things by running past them.

To this end, i suggest you go for Free Enterprise first, because sticking any element on any gun is amazing. Imagine a Ravager that freezes your enemy before exploding them. Also you can shoot 100% more lasers than a Greater Good build. Also, GG is underwhelming before you get Leadership. It can still kick face, but i prefer Lasering face.,auto I would highly recommend this at 70 as for what tree you should go down first Greater Good is his most powerful tree not factoring in 999 stacks of Money is power of course Start with 5 Collaborate, 5 Synergy, 5 Teamwork, 1 Potential, 5 Believe, 1 Leadership. Hope this helps :smile:

Also all of Jacks skill trees are very different and all really good their are no wrong choices really. I believe that Greater Good is his best over all though