Free Farming drop in anytime mayhem level 3 + 4 farming

as some of you know,its kind of hard to find a good farm or hey people to farm with.
i have been making some new friends lately and have decided to leave my lobby open fulltime for anyone to join up.
feel free to pickup whatever you need off the floor and drop your unwanted items as well.

my current farm is Freddie the traitor.
he is located in vip tower on the dlc and is a good drop of mods,artifacts and weapons.
the method to farming freddie is the following

jump to vip tower,equip corrosive and electric weapons.
run up to the elevator section ::>> do NOT go up elevator.
turn around and destroy all the bots including the planes.
Freddie will spawn once all the bots are gone.
destroy freddie/my easiest weapons are using 2 ion rocket launchers,
electric to break his shield and corrosive to finish him off.
pick up what you want,
then open your map and Teleport back to the vip tower entrance…

if there are multiple people playing
ALL players must teleport back to beginning of map and all be there BEFORE freddie will reset.
now,grab some ammo and head back over to the elevator.
youll know if everyone did it right because freddie/and his health bar will spawn as soon as you get up the first set of stairs.

freddie will respawn forever using this method. <<<<<<<<<<

i also farm the trashbots in compacter,
as they too can be farmed without restarting the game over and over.

if you want to trade or are looking for something specific,
or would like to be friends and meet my friends,
you can hit me up ingame with a message on the psn at

this lobby is open BUT i will always have my character in menu,
this means no-one can change the map nor travel to sanctuary.
this is done so everyones farming isnt in vain.
Plan accordingly for inventory space before you join up.<<<<

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got quite a few nice drops and did some great trading too.
met a lot of new peeps last night.
always looking for more !!