Free Gear on PS4!

Cleaning my safe, Plenty of Arms race, Dlc and main game gear up for grabs. Psn angotti81
Pretty sure if you look up my psn and click join your good

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Do you have any good Urad level 65 mayhem 10 gear? Like a Hellwalker or a Hornet? Thanks

Don’t think so, but lots of lv 65 gear. Feel free to join and check it out

I’ll send you a FR :blush: Free loot - what’s not to like :grinning: Any Arms Race gear will be appriciated. My PSN is Mads_J

I have arms race urads. I’d be down for trades

last call!

Alright giveaway over

I’m away at the moment but I tend to keep a lot of Urad gear I pick up so should have some gear for you. PSN is wonga-bunny
Message in 3 days time with a list and I’ll see what I have. Cheers.

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I’m looking for a level 65 mayhem10 URad Hellwalker , Hornet & a Lightshow (any element really)

I have a urad Hellwalker and at least 1 lightshow with urad my psn is R4y2a1n

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My PSN is Shempmug It’s a pain trying to farm the URad gear. Took my like 100 farming runs to get one Mayhem 8 light show with a URad annoint

My psn is R4y2a1n I sent you a request already

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Cool, just got on & accepted