Free gear - Perfect for newbees or anyone

I only play Zane, he is my main and all i have time for.

So every-time i get anything else i store it on a mule or give it to friends.
I have a Mule full of gear for Amara, Flak , Moze. Can’t tell you how good it is, i have no clue. Could be some good gear.

I need to do some house cleaning tonight. It is all yours if you on line this evening. Message me if you want it all.

Gt - xCaliburxxx

Sure my gt is same as my username. Im willing to take some items.

My plan tonight is to create a game and have the mule come in and drop it all on one of the tables, or use both tables if needed. let you take everything, or not, then sell anything left over.
More work for me, but trying to pay forward since i have been helped by some of the incredible players on this game.

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Yeah hook me up with an invite man, gt the lemonader

Ahhhh don’t do it on a table, it has a chance of falling through the floor. If you’re going to dump a bunch of items, I’d jump to any map that isn’t sanctuary.


Happen to have any spiritual driver mods? I’ll take one if so, gt is : yipikiya .

I will look

I play as Flak, I would appreciate anything you have. My gt is 'Minniehaha. Capitol M. Thank you very much.

anything for moze or fl4k, my gt is melancholygirl :upside_down_face:

I was on last night. But i didn’t get any messages to join and see what my mule has. I will be on gain tonight. All the stuff the mule is carrying, good or bad is still available. Like i said, i only play Zane, so i give all others away. I have no clue what is good or not. If you want this stuff message me, friend me, whatever and i will invite and let you take it all.

I will also be posting soon a trade list of other top gear including a pretty good selection of Proturbence and Tediores, as well as other polular gear.

Would love some Vladof stuff for my level 50 Moze. GT is Goat Stealer92.

I am on now, farming for Seein Dead, etc…anyone wanting the stuff l.j listed message me in game

Closed at OP request.