Free Hero Key for Non-Season Pass and Deluxe Players?

Let me begin by stating that I am absolutely not a Season pass holder or in possession of the Digital Deluxe edition of Battleborn.

Earlier today, I was exploring Alani’s abilities in the command menu. After backing out, I noticed an ‘Unlock with Hero Key’ option at the bottom of my screen, activated by pressing triangle (PS4). I attempted to use it, assuming the game would simply prompt me to purchase the Season Pass in order to continue. And yet, Alani unlocked, completely free of charge. I was seemingly “gifted” with a free Hero Key. How is this possible? Has anyone experienced something similar?

if you played beta you get one for free feel the love :mask:



You should actually thank Sony for that as it’s one of the exclusives they provided for PS4 players after helping fund the development of Battleborn.

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