Free Legendaries to Good Home

I have a bunch of duplicate legendary items that I just don’t have room for or don’t use anymore. So rather than sell them I thought I’d offer them up to the community.

Lv. 72 Stoic Emperor
Lv. 70 Bladed Emperor (shock element)
Lv. 71 Rapid Infinity
Lv. 72 Patrol Veruc
Lv. 72 Crammed Unkempt Harold
Lv. 72 Hard Unkempt Harold
Lv. 72 Impaler
Lv. 70 Bee shield
Lv. 70 Legendary Ninja
Lv. 72 Legendary Titan
Lv. 72 Legendary Berserker
Lv. 71 Legendary Hoarder
OP2 Legendary Binder
OP3 Legendary Anarchist
Lv. 70 Consummate Hellfire
Lv. 72 Deep Veruc
Lv. 70 Bee shield
Lv. 72 Legendary Titan
Lv. 72 Fabled Tortoise

My PSN is Jody-Bryan. The items that appeared twice on the above list was intentional. It means that I had more than one.