Free legendary christmas give away

I am clearing out space and in lue of no holiday day event, I thought that I would give away some of my stuff tomorrow. So send a friend RX to Nobody919 for a free legendary if you need one.

I’ll take Zane anointed gear if you have

ok i will give you a zane anointed gun but only because you been good this year.

Hahah I appreciate it man AZZBlood4Fun lol

Is my gt

I could use an anointed Big Boom Blaster shield, an anointed “Tracker” grenade (purple), or an anointed Kyp’s Worth…any of these would make my Christmas magical.

I think i hear footsteps on the roof . AHHH ■■■■, ITS THE KRAMPAS (Gets Shotgun ready)
Also I sent the gifts to everyone one my FX list.