Free Legendary items

I am clearing out some vault space, have the following items up for grabs. First come first serve. Message me on Xbox and I will get the item out to your mail. Gamertag is JumpnSpyder

-Deep Dive Face puncher Claimed
-Redundant Face puncher Claimed
-Cash Infused Brainstormer (Shock) Claimed
-Flakker Claimed
-Shrinking Nasy Bearcat (Cryo) Claimed
-The Transformer Shield
-Cloning Hex (Shock) Claimed
-Molten Fraisor Claimed
-Cloning Hex (Radiation) Claimed
-Dastardly Maggie Claimed
-Night Hawkin (Cryo) Claimed

I’ll take the Maggie if still available

GT: MegalomaniacHD

I’m take the
Night hawkin,Flakker and cloning hex.
GT = g01dust

Ican i have the deep dive facepuncher? Gt: Tr1p1nSquirrelZ

Will send them later tonight

I’d like the brainstormer if you still have it. Can’t get it to drop. GT: TexasC4

Thank you!

Yep still have it, will send it later on tonight.

have 2 level 50s and not much gear, would be happy to take what ever you have to offer.

Username is GT also

What character do you like to main?

NP will send you some gear, check your mail.

the 2 girls so far, and thanks a ton… also feel free to him me up to just play anytime, Just shoot me a message 1st.

That tranformer shield cLaimed???

Ok sounds good, and NP glad to help out.

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Let me look

Transformer is available, what’s your gamertag?

Check your mail, have fun!

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Im not sure but DaddyZgny never recieved anything might you have sent it to someone else byy mistake?