Free Legendary Loot

Trying to clean up my inventory. First come first serve. All level 50.

All out!

Can I get the Hex and face puncher? GT is Kernel Lynch

sure, sent friend request. Will send you the items via mail.

Edit: sent!

Can I get a storm front and firestorm? GT is jflake05


The legendary that remains to you (Double-Penetrating Premature Roisen’s Thorns ?). GT is ALEXANDERDEATH



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Longbow quasar please!!

Got: The Lemonader

I would take a Stormfront

GT: LuckySteini92

sent and sent

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Still got the storm front? Could really use that GT: NoseyFerret98 if so


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What ever is left, Send it over. Working on my last character on TVH mode today!


GT : Neilstr

okay sent, that’s all i have - will update original post

Thank you my friend!