Free Legendary weapons and such!

I have the following Legendary items that I am giving away after a long session in the Mutator.

Lv.50 Kala (Shield)
Lv.50 Celestial Enforcer COM*
Lv.60 Celestisl Enforcer COM*
Lv.50 Fusilade (Rifle)
Lv.49 Flayer (Shotgun)
Lv.50 IVF (SMG)
Lv.50 Kaneda’s Laser (Rocket Launcher)
Lv.50 Striker (Shotgun)
Cable Ties Head for Wilhelm (Not a legendary)

I am Level 70, so these items are nigh useless to me. I want to give them to someone who can use them. Please take them, they’re cluttering up my bank.

*I didn’t get this from the Mutator, but I have it and want to give it away.

what platform are you on?

Xbox 360. The platform for which this forum section is.

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oh duh

ill take some, send me a message, im, HappyMeal75

I’m sorry, but I can’t help but find your GT hilarious. LMAO!

I want that GT. :smile:

Still got any of these?