Free legendarys first come first serve

i have over 150 legendaries from cleaning my bank out join game and take what ever please dont be greedy

Gt is Ko1dkill


Here is what i am still searching for, i have tons for trade and not all of it my trade posts -

I need these weapons in SNTL 100% Cryo or Splash and Swap Clone if it is a Launcher
Infinity Pistol (i have Fire)
Helix (i have shock)
Lucians ( i have cryo)
Ion Cannon ( prefer x2, annexed, but doesn’t have to be)
Lyudas ( I have none with SNTL, does it even exist on this rifle?)
Shredifiers ( i think i have corrosive, have to check)
Slpoders - I need them all

Also need Ice Breaker Victory Rush with SMG, Crit, Weapon, Pistol, AR, Grenade dam or any of the three with maybe cooldown, Splach dam, Reload, Health, Movement

i have some of the items do you have blood letter class mod with 3 to phalanx doctrine and 2 to despreate meausres

Do you have a R4KK P4K class mod? I need to check but believe I have blood letter class mod with 3 to phalanx doctrine and 2 to desperate measures. I also have a lot of other gear.
thx Tom
GT = Tom dot 66
Just fyi - I will send you an Ion Cannon merely x1 and a laser sploder.
Thx Tom

im not on, so i cant join.

Hey man I’ll send you a friend request, eachhydra

yeah i have one ill hit you up at around 2

I am at work. I will send you the bloodletter via email. Send me the R4KK P4k class mod via email. I will take the class mod for a test drive and send the class mod back to you. thx Tom
GT = Tom dot 66

PS: Timing wise, I will send the blood letter in about 10 hours.

Maybe a roid rough rider?