Free level 50 gear

Cleaning out my bank bunch of lvl 50 gear come by if you’re interested

Gt is Heyooooooooooo

About 150 weapons, shields, and grenades

Can you send me anything flak with rakk attack anointments?
Send to

Somehow, out of all of that I only had one rakk anoint in my bank. But when I clear out my mules I’ll send you any rakk anoints.

If it helps you can send me any that have crit anointments, that and any with corrosive 50% damage.

Any Flak Gamma Annointments? Also Redistributor or Kybs Worth?

GT: Jura551c

I have a no element shredifier w/ shotgun, no element x2 magnificient w/ zip rockets, night hawkin auto and semi-auto, and a fire laser sploder w/ gamma burst annoint

Any of those interest you?

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I just sent them instead sell them if you don’t want them. Sent a gamma burst Wedding Invitation as well

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You can unload some onto me if you would like I will probably find some use for some

Don’t know if you still have anything to give but if so I’d be happy to take some artifacts off your hands. Anything along the lines of:

Elemental Projector Victory Rush (for Gamma Fl4k)
Snowdrift or Ice Breaker Victory Rush (w/ cooldown, for Zane)
Last Stand Victory Rush (for Blast Master Moze)
Cutpurse Deathless (for Tediore Chuck build)

Elemental-stone White Elephants (any element except cryo)

Thanks for spreading the wealth!

Any flak fade away gear,a redistributer and or a cryo Maggie would be nice. Gt ChilledFish88 thanks in advance

I have a lvl 50 Cutpurse Deathless w/ grenade dmg and FFYL duration and movement speed

Cool, I will definitely take that.

GT: DeadheadHix09