Free loot boosters for everyone

As part of Battleborn Day, anyone that logs in between 10am CST Saturday and 10am CST Sunday (February 18 and 19) receives a free loot booster in-game!

To activate your loot booster, go to the command menu, then go to the marketplace tab, then go to the boosts section. Your owned boosters will be shown at the bottom of the screen, where you should be able to see and activate your loot booster. Once active, the loot booster’s effects will remain active for 24 hours of real time.

There’s no in-game notification about the free boosters, so I’ve seen a lot of players not running them yet. Loot boosters give better gear packs the more players you have running them on your team, and the lootpocalypse further increases the drop rate from these packs.



Dammit people, stop making Battleborn Day awesome, I gotta work!


Same here! Why do you think i’m posting on the forums? Work.

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Dont worry its kind of sucked since they never made an in game announcement. 99% of the poeple arent even using it because they dont know they have it…

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Been playing all day, didn’t know this. Thanks for the heads up.

Can’t wait to finish work!


Me and a friend on ps4 are running it now, anyone care to join us? iPayUrFrenZ is my pen, msg me to see if we got room if interested in farming loot

Aww… F*CKING WORK!! Damn it, i’ve been waiting to loot-farm with you forever…

Whatever… I’m with you in spirit, guess…

Awwww, love you too. Lol yeah, work is gross

Kinda homeless now, squad dissolved. RIP

damn, wish there was a heads up about this in game :stuck_out_tongue: