Free lvl 1 infinity pistol and quasar grenade

PM on xbox gt Outlawkillerz for a set.

All I ask if u guys get it to work to send me a invite.

Like my nephew always tell me when he wants something (Shareing is caring) :joy::rofl:

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Gonna farm nades. You should send me an infinity. I only have a lvl 1 flood lol
The d3adpupp3t

I send it by mail :+1:

Ayyy ty
3 drops from red jabber. All 3 fastballs lol

I have been farming nades all day and will continue after dinner. My friend has a few quasars don’t know what they are but I’ll see when he gets home from work any chance of duping me a pistol tho?

does homing exist on the quasar? I’ve had a few sticky, but never sticky and homing

You send me one too??
I have a few Quasar grenades but will have to check if one is “sticky”…

I send Grenades and pistol 1st 5 peeps who sends me a message on xbox.

1 condition if u guys get it to work I get a invite to farm with u guys. thx. Gt Outlawkillerz

Hey I’m after those items off yours, I know you wanted some dictators too can’t remember what class you run but I got 100% after rakk and a gamma burst one too

Yeh still looking for dictator anointed but need zane or damage stat ones thx tho, just pm on xbox I give u guys both items free thx.

I be home 5:30 est from work to give the items dont forget to pm me on xbox thx.

I’ll farm tonight if you can send me a set. My gamertag is Hunter0471

I wouldn’t mind a set please

Gt: The Lemonader

Sent you a pm on Xbox. My GT is jflake05

Can you send me a lvl 1 infinity? Gt is VoidJudge79

Ill invite to the farming if you want

Send a pm on xbox if y guys want one thx be on after work.

Its really hard to duplicate that.

Hes gotta go up high enough and land in the map somewhere you can access

Message sent per your request. GT: Azure PhoenixTL

I’ve been using a lv 8 carrier, but every time I’ve gotten him to freeze, he will eventually move on his own. Not sure if this has to do with the infinity being able to constantly keep him in a state of animation from being shot.

Would love one of those if possible gt X PsYkoTiC1 X thanks☺