Free Lvl. 72 kit, Flakkers, Volcano's, Impalers and O-Negatives

That’s what you get for raiding the Handsome Sorcerer and Pete a zillion times :smile:
Plz tell me what you would like and post/PM me a steam account to make it happen.

Well, it seems that there are many of these to go around since the orange madness started because there have been few takers.
I still have some left for those interested but there is one guy @yarinlevi3331 that is possibly still going through a multiple orangegasm right now :grinning:

my steam name is shadowmod ill take some cool free things if your givein stuff out

Hello mate, so sorry to be this late with my reply.
I have traded passions and haven’t played since May, I also gave most of it away to the yarin mentioned in the post.
Ask him of you will, he got a ton of stuff.

Have fun killing the Skags!