Free Market and Power Leveling

**One Stop Shop:
I am currently grinding out Guardian Ranks, and have open slots for anyone to join. No fee, but please help keep an eye out for legendaries! I have a garage full of Legendaries thats ripe for the pickin.

I am looking for items suchs as:**

Annointed Recuring Hex [Shock or Rad]
Stats: Splash Dmg, Grenade Dmg, AoE Dmg, Crit Dmg – On Mods/Artifacts

Item/Cash tips are welcome.

My GT is: The d3adpupp3t

3 spots

So lonely

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I wouldn’t mind getting my fresh new Gunner leveled… after I get her up to 50 I can go farming and I’ll hit you up first thing if I get what you want.

Added you

Cool man. I don’t know how you operate, but my gunner is only lvl 12 or something and I’m renewing my Xbox live right now then I’ll shoot you a msg.

Also i don’t use a mic. I appreciate it too dude. I didn’t want to grind all the way to 50 again.

And since you’ll be leveling my Gunner, if you’re looking for gunner annointed stuff, I’ll definitely share what I find when I’m 50.

I have an annointed recurring hex in cryo.

If you level my zane to 50 :slight_smile:

GT: CriticalHit26

Bump. We are currently live.
GT: The d3adpupp3t

I’ll add you. I’m 50 but can grind legendaries if you don’t mind. Got loaded dice though don’t think that affects you too. I’ll add you soon

I hope you are still running when I get off work. I’ve added you.

GT Liquidfist