Free music track that you can use for your gameplay videos!

As I promised, I made a free music track for all you Borderlands fans!

Matija Malatestinic - Deathmatch? Sure!

Share and enjoy! :smiley:


I uh, I like this a lot.

Do one in 6/8?

Thank you! Glad that you like it! :grin:
Why 6/8? :smile:

[quote=“matijamalates, post:4, topic:1229144”]
Why 6/8? :smile:
[/quote]Does it matter?

Yes, if you want to waltz to it.

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this made me lol…though, …waltzes are 3/4 time.

6/8’s is good to jig too, though!
( I won’t be typing get jiggy w/ though…I do have some standards. Not many, but some ) :smiley:

BTW, ( to OP) good of you to share your work for others use. Quite generous and good strategy to get your stuff heard. Best of luck to you.

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