Free OP8 Gear, Completely Legit

Cleaning out some mules and I have a bunch of gear I have acquired that I have versions of I like slightly better…or it’s stuff I just don’t use

If you are interested in any of this gear…Let me know.

All OP8

EDIT: Gave some away…here is the latest list:

Very Nice low Delay Blockade
TumTum Cobra
Shock New and Improved Omen
Sunny Blockhead
Slag Cher Ami
Purple True Neutral Ranger Com
2 Chain Lightnings
Purple Magic Missile
2 Firestorms
Chikamin Skulsmasher
Fast Bullets Sawbar
Potent Flakker
Shock Nasty Surprise
Fire Critical Interfacer
Hard Devastater
Corrosive Muscovite Mongol
Corrosive Veruc
GaDunka Creamer
Blood of Terra Relic
FireFire Teeth of Terra
TwoFer Greed
Shock Operational Invader
Discharge Infinity
Caustic Infinity
Sheriff’s Badge
Slag Bladed Tattler
Explosive Fastball
Longbow Firebee 0.7 fuse
Longbow Breath of Terra Grenade
Corrosive Gunerang
Sticky Longbow Electric Leech
Rubberized Storm Front
Fashionable Volcano
Slag Chopper

Glad to see not all PC players use well you know what its called

Just sell it


LOL…well…if you didn’t have a Storm Front it might work for you…The fuse was really low IIRC.

Some folks can make them work, I don’t have much luck.

I’m interested in the following items.

Chain Lightning
Magic missile

My Steam is Johnrr6

Send me a Friend request and we can link up.

I am headed out the door ATM but should be back this evening Eastern Standard US

I am fairly new to the game and by playing with my friends who have played for a lot longer than I have i have become lvl 30. The problem is my weapons and equipment are for like lvl 7 players. If you have any items that would be good for a lvl 30 player i would be interested in them.

I’m sorry but I keep the Low level stuff I have found to help in new playthrus…so I just don’t have any.

But OP8 Gear…and some OP7 and OP6…I have oodles.

Best help in your situation is Golden Keys

A TON of great Purples can be gotten from them

Her’s a link to the thread that lists the active keys:


Ok thank anyway. Also what level do you have to be to use OP8 wepons?

OP 8. Guide to the OP levels.



Yeah that’s the code name for it. Couldn’t remember at the time.