Free OP8 Junk! Bank Cleaning on multiple characters

Some junk you guys can have that I really dont care to use. As title impies, I’ve been hoarding legendaries and now my bank is full. So “Why loot the dead, when you can buy from me?!”

Evisceration Grog
Puissant Norfleet (Shock) not the best prefix but whatev
Skookum Skullmasher
Gromky Lyuda (All elements except slag)
Practicable Conference Call(Corrosive and fire)
Barking Pimpernel (All elements except shock)
Sham (94% Absorb Chance) and low level Logans Gun
Original Omen (Corrosive)
Critical Interfacer (Non Elemental) Voracs difficult as hell, okay?!
Dastardly Maggie
Boss Bekah
Nassty Sawbar
Barking Storm
All Psycho, Assasin, and Commando Legendary Mods (excluding SoT, its garbage)
Legendary Titan mod
Venture Longbow
Bee (Inflammable and Alkaline)

and other stuff, as i don’t feel like listing all my junk. I’m doing this for free, but it would be really awesome if someone had a Citrine Muckamuck or a Citrine Quad they’d be willing to give.



Can i get the sawbar if its slag?

Sawbar only comes in Fire element.

Can I get get the legendary mod for the psycho

The Legendary Psycho com? sure! Just add me and ill give it to you whenever i can.

Can I grab the legendary torch mod for psycho my gamer tag is kushgodchellie im on right now

Gamertag is Deltaliner and I added you to my friend list


That’s pretty crazy! Can I steal a fire element flying sandhawk?

Gt: kushgodchellie

Dude could I get an evisc. grog nozzle from you? And a Shock Gentlrman’s Pimpernel? GT: Grante75


So can I get an op8 norfleet any kind will do?

thread derailed lol




Would I be able to get grog nozzle, sham, and alkaline bee?

Care to explain how you managed to acquire every rare item (orange, pearl, seraph, and unique) at OP8 in every element and every available prefix and, perhaps more importantly, how you are able to legitimately hold in excess of 4000 items (4420 is stated)? You would likely need about 100 characters with near max to max storage capacity each. This would require a substantial investment in time (an understatement), considering both the Eridium requirement and the fact that you have to get to Sanctuary to buy Storage upgrades from the Black Market Vendor.

There is no such thing as a Non-elemental Norfleet aka Explosive Norfleet. The Norfleet is a Maliwan weapon and therefore always elemental. The NE / Explosive Norfleet is a hacked / modded item and does not legitimately exist in-game.

So the item you are offering are at least potentially hacked / modded (even if not by you), since you admit you got them from modders on XBox 360.

The only “kinds” of Norfleet are Fire, Shock, Corrosive and Slag.

More like “hijacked”, unfortunately.

The OP created a thread to offer items he no longer wants / has a need for. Instead of simply creating your own thread offering items you no longer need, which would have been perfectly acceptable under forum rules and forum etiquette, you effectively “hijacked” his thread offering items of a dubious nature at best (which you admit you acquired from modders) at the same time claiming you don’t mod yet somehow managed to be able to store in excess of 4000 items (approximately 4420 items, not counting any you are not giving away).

FYI, weapons are legitimately available with parts from different manufacturers. The chances of consistently finding weapons with parts from only one manufacturer (sometimes referred to as “perfect parts”) are slim to none. So if all / almost all of the items you have are all “one manufacturer”, then chances are they were hacked / modded to be that way. As an example, the Twister Shotgun cannot have a Jakobs barrel despite being a Jakobs weapon. The Norfleet Rocket Launcher always has an E-tech barrel, despite being a Maliwan weapon. Also, as a Maliwan weapon the Norfleet is always elemental, meaning it is not legitimately available in NE aka Explosive. Which leads me to this…

I assume that isn’t the NE variant…

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im not mad lol, i just found it kinda funny how that happened

He claims to have in excess of 4000 items (4420 he intends to give away, an unknown number he intends to keep) yet as of 4 days ago in another thread states the following:

I count nine characters total, 6 at OP8 and 3 at various levels. This is nowhere near the number that would be required to legitimately hold in excess of 4000 items. The part I bolded is also noteworthy. I’m calling shenanigans. Hopefully @Psychichazard or @Kitty_Jo can address this storage capacity discrepancy.

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