Free Pearlescent Weapons To Good Homes!

Hi there. I’m one of those nuts who farms the Crimson Armory endlessly looking for the best and rarest gear, and highest on my list are the pearlescents. The only downside of Armory farming is that I inevitably find some duplicates. I only carry one of each with me, while the rest are collecting digital dust in my bank at the Underdome.

I don’t need them because they are duplicates, but I won’t sell them, either. Weapons this rare deserve to be in the hands of Vault Hunters who will treasure them like the prizes they are. So I am offering to give them to whoever wants them, and I am not looking for anything in return.

Available are: two Long Bessie sniper rifles
one Genocide Avenger combat rifle
one Glorious Serpens assault rifle (scopeless)

If anyone is interested, you can send me a message through Xbox Live, since I’m on there pretty much every day. My gamertag is Cyberra

All of these weapons are legit. The two Bessies and the Serpens came straight from the Crimson Lance chests in the armory, while the Avenger was a rare drop from a badass defender in Ajax’s spawn area (yes, I’m trying to get the Ajax Ogre, too). All are between levels 66 and 68.

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I was running the armory again today and found my fourth Bessie sniper rifle. The pearlescent weapons I am now offering for free giveaway are…

2 Long Bessie sniper rifles
1 Genocide Avenger combat rifle
1 Glorious Serpens assault rifle

I am not looking for anything in return for these. I just want to see them go into the hands of other skilled Vault Hunters. If you want one, message me and you can have one.

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If u ever get a spare ares,rose or omega Im trying to get those to complere my collection of pearlecents

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So far I’ve only found one Omega. No sign of any of the smaller guns yet; so far I’ve only found the long guns. But I’m still looking! Any other duplicates I find will be posted here.

I have a spare tsunami and a stalker if u need them .

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^^ So far I’ve only found the serpens, the bessie, the avenger, the undertaker, and the omega. Still looking for the rest.

u can have the tsunami and avenger If u want no trade gt is same as my forums name

Thank you :slight_smile: My gamertag is Cyberra. I’ll be on later today, doing more armory runs.

I Hit the wrong thing when I went to reply to your message . Sorry . I sent new friend request

can you please give me lv50 butcher

I have a really good tsunami I have been holding cause it’s pretty nice. I just happen to have a couple better versions I’m keeping. its up for grabs who ever wants it. Main reason I don’t like it is it’s got no scope.

I don’t have any of the Borderlands 2 pearls. At least not yet. The only pearls I have are in the first Borderlands game, and the Butcher is not a BL1 pearl.

Yeah the only pearl shotty in bl1 is the jackal

I am adding another gun to the list. A spare Lightning Nemesis pistol, free to a good home.

Available pearls:

2 Long Bessie sniper rifles
1 Genocide Avenger combat rifle
1 Glorious Serpens assault rifle
1 Lightning Nemesis pistol

After a session of farming Crawmerax, I have found another pearl to add to this list, a Cobalt Tsunami SMG.

Available Pearls:

1 Long Bessie sniper rifle
1 Genocide Avenger combat rifle
1 Glorious Serpens assault rifle
1 Lightning Nemesis pistol
1 Cobalt Tsunami SMG

Nice list. Would you mind posting pics of said gear? without stats and a visual, it’s hard to know if they are any good or not. Very gracious of you by the way. Kudos! :acmaffirmative:

I don’t know how to post images here. But I can link to pictures I posted elsewhere…

The Serpens:

The Avenger:

The Nemesis:

The Bessie:

The Tsunami has been adopted

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nice Serpens! :acmaffirmative:

Still have the Serpens?

I do