Free Pearlescent Weapons To Good Homes!

(Coolscottclub) #21

Oh! Dude! think I can have it? I’ve been farming for that, Aries, and Ajax Ogre for waaaay too long! I found a tsunami today from a crimson chest which was rad. Are you looking for anything? I have some elemental variants of legendaries like the b*tch and savior and a few masher legendary revolvers my gamer tag is: StaticalMoss291

(Ultrarodimus18) #22

The only things I’m still farming for are the Ajax Ogre and the Ironclad shield. I think I have seven Tsunamis of various damage levels. At this point I’m just giving the extra pearls away. I don’t need anything back for them. I just have too many duplicates and I don’t want to just sell them… Pearls deserve better than that

(Coolscottclub) #23

I appreciate the respect for those rare pearls. I’ll be on in a few minutes doing a few runs. Gamer tag: StaticalMoss291

(Ultrarodimus18) #24

Sorry… I didn’t get your last message because my email decided to dump it into Spam instead of Inbox. My bad…

My gamertag is Cyberra. I’m generally on in the evenings Atlantic standard time until about 10:30pm Atlantic (an hour ahead of Easter time).

(Ultrarodimus18) #25

I will be getting online soon if you’re still interested

(Coolscottclub) #26

Dude I actually found a Serpens and an undertaker last night. Back-to-back runs too. It was like my 3rd and 4th run. Pretty awesome! Thanks though

(Ultrarodimus18) #27

:slight_smile: Congrats. I’ll hold onto mine for anyone else who might want it, then

Mind if I borrow some of that luck in my quest to find the elusive Ironclad?

(Coolscottclub) #28

So I found an ironclad today

(Ultrarodimus18) #29

My pearl farming has been on hold… Been playing Monster Hunter World. Still, jealous… The Ironclad just will not drop for me

(Coolscottclub) #30

@ultrarodimus18 I found another ironclad. Not the greatest stats but if you want it to complete a collection, it’s yours. Do you happen to have an extra rose or omega shield? I’ve had no luck farming those. Also do you need any other items?

(Ultrarodimus18) #31

I have four Omega shields

(Coolscottclub) #32

Would you trade an omega for my better ironclad (I posted a pic of in an earlier message)? Or are you looking for any other items? I have reaper, avenger (non-elemental and explosive), Bessie, tsunami, serpens, nemesis, undertaker, plenty of lengendaries (and elemental versions) and legendary mashers (unforgiven, anaconda, 2-shot and 6-shot,etc)

(Ultrarodimus18) #33

I have everything else but the Ironclad. The only other things I’d be looking for are the Eridian legendaries, but they’re even rarer than pearlescents. I’ve never seen one

(Coolscottclub) #34

What’s your GT? My GT is StaticalMoss291
I’m on Pacific Standard Time.

(Ultrarodimus18) #35

Atlantic time. 1 hour ahead of Eastern Standard, and about 4 hours ahead of you

Gamertag is Cyberra. I PMed you through XBL once, about the Serpens

(Coolscottclub) #36

Ohhh ya! Cool I’ll add you and I’m sure we’ll cross paths. I use my Xbox to watch Netflix and whatnot so I’m usually on

(Ultrarodimus18) #37

I’m generally on in the mid to late evening, so late afternoon to early evening your time

(Ultrarodimus18) #38

Alacrotous Rose #2 appeared during a Farmory run today. Still want?

(Coolscottclub) #39

Thanks a lot but I finally farmed one! Good lookin out though!