Free Redistributors

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If one of those is still available it would be a godsend. Been farming the entire event for one! Psn is my username Mr_Fixler.

I’ll send them both to you when I get home from work later today.

Friend Request sent

Fyi, just got a hookup. No need to send these anymore. Perhaps someone else might need them now.

Thank you for the opportunity though.

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If ur still looking to get rid of them Iv been tryn to farm them for a while with no luck : blademaker1620

Dude I’m so sorry I just gave em away about 15 minutes ago

Just curious, did you score any good ones for yourself?
I’ve only scored one good one yet have 5…yay trades.

Not really. I have two in every element but not good anointments. The only great one I have I traded for.

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