Free Rotation Characters: Zer0


As you might Notice from the title of this Thread, i am a “Free Trial” Player - downloaded the Game just yesterday, in fact.

Now, i have an Issue.

There are no Characters in the free Rotation, which, obviously, makes joining Matches quite difficult.

Send help please.


Paging the bug squad: @Jythri, @JoeKGBX, @MereAtGBX, Spiderman, … Houston, we have a problem!


Hmm, yes, very strange. I’ll pass this on to the team so they can investigate.

In the meantime @Marwyn, would it be possible to get your Support ID? (How to find your Battleborn Support ID)



a lot of people on Reddit are saying the same thing so its not just him

Hope you guys fix this soon

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Since 2 Hour or so… Can i ask which is the Official Forum cause there are Steam where u download the game 2Kforum and this big Gearbox Forum… Btw i tell u what happens all are Grey und locked except allö puchased Champs… after the timer runs out there is a connection icon and the game closes in Lobby come sthe message Couldnt connect to the gameservers

The can’t connect to game servers isn’t just a free to try problem. I get it sometimes when trying to join a que. Restart the game and it goes back to working

I actually restarted the Game once, didnt fix my issue, sadly.

I’m being told this should be fixed now. If anyone continues to experience it, please let us know.

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I hope your problem will be fixed and you enjoy a lot this awesome game!

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Should players restart the game to make sure they get the fix, or can they just back out to the start screen and re-sign in?

I’d say try backing out to the title screen and if that doesn’t work, restart. There may be a brief period of time where the servers are refreshing and applying the adjustment, but it shouldn’t be long.

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Sorry to be irrelevant, but, from the thread title, I thought maybe our favourite four fingered assassin had found his way into Battleborn!

Oh he’s there, he’s just in perma-decepti0n. Looking for a sneaky snake.

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