Free SNTNL 50 Cryo Radiation Redistributor

My team will be handing the SNTNL 50 Cryo Radiation Redistributor out for anyone that wants one. All is welcome to join our discord and grab a copy. We will be handing these out around 12PM Pacific time today! There will be other items included with it. Hope to see yall there :slight_smile:


Awe man, I have to head out of town today :weary:

I’ll personally mail you one, since you helped me last time! :slight_smile:

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Sorry I’m not very technical when it comes to discord, but please I have been trying for weeks to get a radiation redistributor with sntnl, can someone please help me out… I’m on GMT time zone Xbox gamertag spiritualaura I will always be in your debt :+1::grinning:

I would like one too. Will you send it to me or do I join your lobby?

How many are available?

Awesome, I joined up!

That’s awesome. Just joined up

I’ve joined, finally someone found it!!

@CLo33 @Skavenger
Should i get one for you?
We have talk about trades yesterday anyway
So if its allowed i would take one extra and send it to you…?

That would be great

Nice, i am joined!:+1::wink:

Lobby is open and we are live giving them out. Details in the #Oprah’s-Giveaway channel in discord. Hope to see yall there :slight_smile:

Giveaway Items:
1: Radiation Redistributor SNTNL 50 cryo
2: Seein’ Dead Zane Mod 25% Weapon DMG, 31% SMG DMG, 31% Heavy DMG +3 DonnyBrook
3: Re-Charger Berner w/ SNTNL Movement Speed

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Thanks for the giveaway brotha. Your graciousness is greatly appreciated

Agreed! I’ve been farming since the raid came out for that weapon and not one drop!

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What’s a discord? I would love to get in on this. I’ve just been using one with a crappy Moze anointment.

@Vomitus124 did u get the items? And welcome to the discord brotha :slight_smile:
@Skavenger did u join as well? I did mail u the gun :slight_smile: Glad to have yall
@fashosbest it’s pretty much a mobile chat room. So u can find gear/guns loot quicker. A community some would say.

@CLo33 I did! That was a pretty awesome give away! It’s much appreciated and can’t wait for future ones.

That also just put my Zane build on another level. Ran the raid on mayhem 4 a few times afterwards with ease.

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I did join (I think, I still gotta figure it out, lol I’m a old fogie) and thank you again!!

@nomenklatura @jubal1 @selling.account2 @Digitalog @Cjb @xb1393139 @SpiritualAura. Just checking to make sure yall got the gun/shield/mod :slight_smile:

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