Free SNTNL 50 Cryo Radiation Redistributor

Darn missed it thx for the offer

Let me know if you still got more. I can use all 3 and trade for them

GT: LB Korpse

I have them if you want…?
Send me a pm

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@CLo33 thx alot, really love that redistributor.
I immediately run to wotan to show it to him.
But i think he didnt liked it as much is i do.
Dont know why but he was a bit sniffy :joy:
Best thing is, there are no big boys in the takedown who resist it (hate that with my shock one)

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Damn, that’s a nice promo. Sadly, I’m on PS4. Love that gun tho.

Anyone get a copy of the mod and shield?

You still have? Gt = LesserWarrior please thx

Can’t seen to get this app to load/ open

I missed this. How do I join a discord? It cost money?

Been farming and not a single item with these annoinments yet - its so hard to get them.

I will be on tonight from 1pm-6pm pacific. Message me in discord for the items from yesterday.

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hey… I joined the discord server yesterday to late. the trading time wars ended.

Awesome just message an Admin to claim the loot :slight_smile:

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I can’t time stuff being in Australia, but anything you’re after I could trade via mail? I already got you on friends list

hey, OK thanks for the reply. I will send another mail to the admin.
have fun and see you next time :wink:

I can send it to you if you want
(To give something back for the transformers) :+1:

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Oh legend man thanks

@LB_Korpse @stray1
Do yall got your stuff?
Im sorry didnt have it all 3 times
So i just sent you what i got over (redistributor incl.)
Enjoy it


Appreciate you

I didn’t play last night because got caught in Mr Robot binge, but I’m sure it will be there, thanks again man :slight_smile:

Any chance these are still available?