Free SNTNL 50 Cryo Radiation Redistributor

@bigta1982 yes! Just join and message one of the Admins in discord. Hope to see u in there :slight_smile:

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Bump! We just passed 600+ members. Come see what we are all about :). Link in the title. Cheers

Hey, are you guys still giving these out? If so how to i snag one once I join the Discord server?

Just joined and well … I’m liking it! Keep up the great work, guys!

Welcome @derwitte!
@Megalomaniac85. Just message a mod or admin once you are in. I will be available after work in like 3 hrs. If u havent gotten them. Cheers!

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I just joined the discord channel as well, thanks for the invite. If you are still sending out the gun and other items, they all would be a huge upgrade for me.

GT: Spiceebacon

Is it still possible to snag one?

@shawnhansen81 @liljonelement of course i’ll be on tmr. Just message me or one of my mods/admins. If I dont get to you first!

Just joined too - hoping the offer of a redistributor is still going, and looking forward to improving my Zane play !!