Free Starter Gear Up For Grabs

I’ve got some low level legendaries, blues, and purples clogging up my inventory that I’m not going to use. If anyone is starting out with a new character and wants them, reply here with your GT and I’ll be in touch. Currently it’s stuff up to about level 14 or so.

If any of this is for TPS then i would be grateful :slight_smile: I about lvl 15 Wilhelm

Sorry - should have clarified that in the post. It’s BL2, which I’ve been playing a lot of in the last month.

Please can I help take these off your hands? I’m just starting out on XBone. GT is Kalmec.

Sure. Are you on-line right now?

Yep, just fired up BL2.

OK, be on shortly. Look for a message from Alkymist96

Thanks so much! Very happy :smile:

Let me know if you want level 11-16 gear later; still got some good purples etc.

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