Free Stuff/Cleaning out Bank

Recently hit the cap again even with some mules, so I decided to “clean out” some of my bank. Rather than just selling, I’m gonna see if anyone here could use these for their builds;

DP Roisen’s Thorns ASE 50 Incendiary
Craps ASE 50 Incendiary
Roisen’s Thorns ASE 100 Weapon Dmg.
MOARR Linoge ASE 50 Corrosive
DP Incendiary Occultiar Gunner 160 Splash
Moonfire SNTNL 100 Cryo
Foursum ASE 50 Rad/Cryo
Incendiary Infinity Consecutive Hits
Rad Infinity ASE 125 Badass
Duc ASE 125 Badass
Superball Gunner 160 Splash
Devastator ASE 50 Shock

Night Hawkin ASE 50 Cryo
Kyb’s Worth Cryo+Corrosive SNTNL Fire Rate+Reload
Boomer ASE 50 Incendiary
Vanquisher SNTNL 100 Cryo
Crossroad ASE 50 Corrosive
Jackhammer Gunner 125 Incendiary
Cryo Redistributor ×2
Corrosive Redistributor
Jackhammer SNTNL 100 Cryo
Corrosive Cutsman ASE 50 Shock
Incendiary Cutsman

Lucian’s Call SNTNL 100 Cryo
Barrage Gunner IB Exit Ammo 5 seconds
Incendiary Try-Bolt ASE 50 Shock
Shock Try-Bolt ASE 15 Lifesteal
Try-Bolt ASE 100 Weapon dmg
Try-Bolt ASE 125 Badass

Face-puncher Terrified dmg + fire rate
Incendiary Butcher ASE 125 Badass
Rad Tiggs’ Boom ASE 100 Weapon dmg

Whiskey Tangot Foxtrot ASE 50 Incendiary
Cryo Stop-Gap ASE 5 Movement Speed
Rad Stop-Gap ASE 5 Health
Rico ASE 50 Corrosive
Rough Rider Siren ASE 30% damage taken is returned

Rad Mirv Widowmaker ASE 50 Rad
Quasar +25 Wep+Grenade+Action Skill
Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair ASE 50 Shock
Tina’s Hippity Hopper +25 W/G/AS
Epicenter +25 W/G/AS
Cloning Hunter-Seeker +25 W/G/AS
Cloning Hunter-Seeker ASE 50 Shock
Cloning Hunter-Seeker ASE 50 Incendiary
Mirv Widowmaker +25 W/G/AS
Nagata ASE 50 Shock
Surge ASE 50 Cryo

Atom Balm Deathless SMG/Cryo Efficiency/Shock Resist
Elemental Projector Victory Rush Shock Dmg/Ignite Chance/Max Health
Elemental Projector Otto Idol 29 Fire Resist/Cryo dmg/Corrosive dmg
Elemental Projector White Elephant Corrosive Dmg/Melee dmg/Irradiate Chance
Flesh Melter Deathless Max Shield/FFYL Time/Health Regen
Flesh Melter Otto Idol Pistol/Electrocute/Mag Size
Ice Breaker Otto Idol 30 Grenade/33 AoE/Health Regen

Decent amount of these, but it would be a pain to list so just ask. Most are Moze or Fl4k.

P.S. I’m in college, am married with my first kiddo on the way, and work so I apologize if I don’t respond right away ;-(

Edit(s): edited after removing items for players.

Hey I’m interested in you’re SMGs
Epic id- Margoraider

I’ll be home shortly and add you

Thank you sir.

Interested in the Kyb’s Worth Corrosive+Shock ASE 25 Crit

Epic ID - vongdong

@KittyShoes17 Hi, Im looking for class mods for Fl4k; Cosmic stalker, Bounty Hunter and St4ckbot with the stats listed below, any combination with 3 out of 4 stats.

Im looking for:

                   weapon dmg / pistol dmg / jakobs crit dmg / magsize 

                   weapon dmg / smg dmg / magsize / skill cooldown

                   weapon dmg / sniper dmg / magsize / vladof crit dmg 

                   weapon dmg / heavy dmg / magsize / vladof crit dmg

my epic id: Ferrum83

I’ll check in a little bit, I know I have plenty of those so hopefully I have what you’re looking for!

None with those, unfortunately :-/. I like to farm jackbot though so I’ll keep an eye out for one the next time I’m there!

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ok, np.

Interested in the shock dictator and would you have a rocketeer class mod for moze?

Dictator is all yours, just add me whenever you get a chance and I’ll send it your way when I get on. I’ll check my class mods in a half hour or so

I’ll take any one of these if you’ve got 'em:
Raging Bear
Spiritual Driver

My Epic handle is the same as my username here: Adabiviak

Thanks in advance!

I’ve got a couple spiritual drivers but I’ve never leveled an Amara up so I’m not sure which modifiers are good for her. I’ll send you a message with the ones I have in just a sec

These are what I have for Rocketeers

Let me know if you want any of them! And you can add me on epic, name is same as here

I’ll take the one with +2 cloud of lead and one with 25% dmg if that’s cool with you thanks! Also along with the dictator I’ll take that front loader with 75% shield health annointed off your hands as well. I sent a friend request epic games : Fleetwoodj and thanks again

Got any Amara COMs? Looking for phasezerker with weapon and assault damage.

Sounds good I’ll try to hop on before class this morning to send them your way!

I’ll check, I know I have some phasezerkers but not sure if they are AR+weapon

@novafilled sent them all over, enjoy!

@cram_010704 unfortunately I do not have an AR/Wep com. Best I have is SMG/splash if you’re a kybs kind of guy.

I would LOVE the Brainstormer SNTNL Cryo 100, been hunting for one for ages.

EDIT: That Maggie SNTNL 100 Cryo looks nice too, but if you’re only giving one to each person, I’d prefer the Brainstormer. Thanks!