Free stuff ! no powerlevels!

I see a lot of posts across the interwebs about people looking for this or that and I have most of the gear people are looking for, so if you would like heads, skins, gear (lvl80 to op10) or just need help with a certain area or boss, dont hesitate to contact me on psn or here. If you add me, please just tell me where you’re coming from. Psn is same as username.


Hi there! I am looking for shock element conference call and interfacer at level 80. Is there any chance you have those please? Thank you! (My psn is same as my id and will be grateful to add you if you are able to share gear :slight_smile: )

I do have those items. I cannot find you profile on psn. Please add me and we can coordinate

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Do you have any of the following at OP10: Slag Conference Call, Slag Slow Hand, incendiary and/or non-elemental Baby Maker, incendiary Tediore Plasma Caster?

Would you by any chance have Level 80 Incendiary/shock/corrosive flying sandhawks, and Level 80 Barking/Banbury pimpernels of each element? We already have each other added on PSN (I’m iX_Grimm). I also need a bunch of heads for all of my characters if you wouldn’t mind.

Hey dude, pretty awesome of you to offer this help!

If possible do you have OP10 Barking Pimps in Fire & Corrosive with 10 round mags
please? I’ve got Banbury’s at the mo and I miss my old Barkers!


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I have a fire barker, needs corrosive.

Yes to the CC. No to the rest. Apologies

I’m not totally sure bruv.

A slag CC will still go a long way, no apology necessary lol. Are you online at the moment? I’m Caaannndy_Feng, I’ll add you.

Btw if you want loot in exchange, such things can be arranged.

No worries dude, I just got my Siren to Don’t Copy That Floppy…let the farming

Twister? I don’t even care about the parts or prefix. If it shoots twice before reloading, that’s a bonus but also not a necessity. This is a long shot, I know