Free to play can work just fine with this title

and be plenty fair to those who paid. Those who pre ordered bought copy/season pass continue to get all content free. Free to play players get one hero at start and grind everything else out. or hasten the process by purchasing currency. boom. both sides should be happy with this…

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Don’t worry, the game WILL end as a free to play.
It’s been 2 days since we can’t even reach the 2.5k players cap on pc, it’s slooooowly dying.
Unless if they try another sale with a free week end, the game will soon be out of players and it’ll die.
And like many games, BOOM FREE 2 PLAY.

Don’t need you pc players for thexample game to be alive and well.

Also I didn’t mean that be mean, just saying that this game is very much alive and doesn’t need a huge group playing on pc to be doing just fine.

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It does for the players on PC.

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From what I heard the game does reasonably well on consoles. Developing a f2p system for PC only would take time and Gearbox might face the hard truth that by the time they have such a system the player numbers might have declined to a point for PC players that it’s not even worth the effort.

I never could get into killer instinct because of the free to play model you suggest. I don’t think adding microtransactions will add allure to battleborn

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I think it could give the current model to f2p users and give the paid users all access.The grinding in this game is already f2p level anyway.

…We don’t need this to go the way of MNC.

I personally think the best option would be make the beta a permanent demo, maybe with a time limit, but that’s the extent of it

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I don’t do microtransaction games. Ever. Tried it once, but $100 will get you basically nowhere in ANY fee to play game. Rather buy the game and be done.


What game did you try? LoL?

World of Tanks was tolerable… they mostly got it right… and so did Air Mech Arena… but all the others are sooo money hungry and give very little pop per buck, with even a small bang costing $200+

Ever tried DotA 2 ? :smiley:
Money only grant you cosmetics and you can get some sets for 40cent

F2P is a plague. Please, no.

F2P is not about grind, it’s about fraud and manipulation with your expectations in order to confuse you and fish out more of your money and gametime that you’d willingly give.

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but world of tanks is a pay to win game

Yes, and give the metaphorical finger to those who did pay for it.


Honestly F2P is the only thing that could save this game, either you like it or not, it is only holding 2k players per day on steam worldwide, and it is barely one month old.
Even though I bought and refunded it for not finding matches, I would buy a season pass in a f2p model, with players on it.
Edit - uow just realized it had a sales 8 days ago, and it were not one month old, and still barely moved the player base, this might be worst than I though

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