Free to play weekends coupled with sale? Please?

Has anyone at GBX floated this idea yet? A free to play weekend coupled with a sale could help with numbers. I am sure departments are compartmentalized, but such a strategy is worth mentioning to whoever is in the loop with marketing.

I have watched many games grow gradually over time. Homeworld is no exception, though it is a bit niche. I am not sure what official plans are, but this could definitely help with numbers.

Hey, this is a really cool idea. Nothing is better for Homeworld than new members, as the community is generally great with getting players in and befriending people (er, except that one guy). The teamspeak server is cake to the icing with this as well, or icing on the cake, whichever suits you best.

New people with new sales would help the game grow, business grow, and homeworld fans develop!

I feel as though I’m waiting for those few players that play AI in MP to join the human race eventually.

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It amazes me how popular skirmish is on this game.

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I think players don’t want to play other people because no one is new friendly.

Getting stomped is not fun.

This is why I like 2v2 and 3v3 games - you can put the new players on separate teams and let them do their thing without causing a stomp. 1v1 is nowhere near ideal for new players, but the numbers are so low that there is really nothing else to do most of the time.

I end up having to 1v1 an expert CPU just to kill time waiting for people to come on, then give up when nobody shows up.

Most players coming from campaign or skirmish are not that bad anyways, especially if they actually have some awareness of where they are. It is the people who go from barely beating easy CPUs to MP that end up stomped.

Yeah, but what really happens is that people like to stack teams. I am starting not to care about being on the losing team because I know full why the other team is playing.

Most of the skilled players I see do try to balance teams. It must depend on the players

Yeah, you know what, I think you are right. Maybe I’m just bitter from being on the nub team so often. :bow_and_arrow:

Hey, I don’t know if it is just me, steam, or whatever, but sometimes I jump in MP lobby and all I see is me or maybe one other person in lobby.

I know the game is niche, but it is hard to believe that I am the only one on MP sometimes and that no one is even playing skirmish. I’d like to test this with someone.

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