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I spent 3 days farming for the perfect Seein Dead mod, i had over 100 and still not one i was hoping for. I ended up trashing 75% of them, these here are the best i found. Some will be great for certain builds,

Let me know if you see one you need.

LF - I am looking for a Seein Dead with +Weapon Dam, + Grenade Dam, +Any of the below

Uploading: 20200119_202118_resized.jpg… Uploading: 20200119_202236_resized.jpg… Uploading: 20200119_202309_resized.jpg… Uploading: 20200119_202414_resized.jpg…

Thanks so much for grinding and sharing. I could use these two
**Cheap Shot Seein’ Dead - tediore reload, grenade and shotgun damage **

Rowdy See’in Dead - +Weapon damage and +shield capacity
GT= Tom dot66

Thanks for Grinding and Sharing. Please send me
Spirited Sonic Boom Infiltrator +SMG damage +Jakobs damage

Bashing Infiltrator +shotgun and grenade damage
GT = Chase D Gamer08

rowdy unnsporting my gt is melancholy girl, thank you :blush:

Check your mail, all sent

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Got the items. thanks so much.

Do you still have the seein dead with
Assualt rifle damage, weapon damage, COV accuracy? If so I’d like one if you’re still giving.
Gt: Volak
Thanks for time

sent to you buddy

sent to you Volak

I keep farming these, finally got one i know is a god roll. Well if your playing a build utilizing Cutsmans and other SMG that charge,

This darn Mod almost completely removes the charge, cutsman rips now.

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interested in a trade for either or both of these bud

maybe the crit + wep dam, what do you need buddy?

I was wondering if I could get a copy of that mod you got there. Looks like a good one to use on wotan!

sure thing man, i hadn’t tried it on him, but was thinking the same thing. It rocks even better with a shock recurring hex, sending

Thank ya I will send mine tomorrow, off to bed right now.

Could I have the Executor mod with weapon critical Dmg, weapon Dmg, weapon Fire rate? Thanks!

GT: DeadheadHix09

Just sent your way.

Sure man,
You have anything to trade? I can’t get it till late tonight as i am working out of town all day

how do u farm them

I go to The tower in Moxxi’s DLC, start at beginning, Kill loco, Kill Freddie, then kill Pretty Boy. Not every run, but most runs there at least one drop, and i have even seen 3-4 drop on one run. I have found well over 100, only a few really great, most only have one great perk, or maybe two. Getting all three perks requires luck i don’t seem to possess.

An added benefit of this is killing Loco has now gotten me and my buddys 4 great anointed Nukems as well

If you ever want to tag along let me know