Free Trial Is Destine For Failure: Decide its Fate

I do believe Gearbox knows the players who left didn’t find free PvP enough.
Something with the dlc and Story missions will bring them back.

Yea, I totally agree. When I started playing the first 2 days, 90% of my matches were face-off and capture so it kind of got stale for me but was just happy I got to play some matches. I can only imagine what the other players felt but luckily yesterday I had more incursion & meltdown matches, was it luck? On PC, everyone was playing all modes with the voting system so matches never got stale, not sure about the consoles since I know mostly everyone favors incursion.

I agree… the random matches was a surprise and rather prefer voting on mode/map. Not sure why it was switched, maybe so new people have a taste of all modes? But at the same time I don’t think this was the right time to start experimenting with queues.

Agreed. Don’t think any type of ELO is on right now because I constantly get teamed up with low level players (not saying its bad, I’m all up for helping but sometimes I wanna have fun too).

When single/duo first came out, I had the most fun back to back balanced matches I have had in a while & I put a lot of hours into the game too. Having Solo/Duo w/ draft (Even though people may disagree) provided the most balanced matches due to 1) no premades 2) banning so you didnt have to deal with CC meta picks. But I guess people were frustrated that they couldn’t pick the character they wanted to play if they were banned or if someone else chose them and preferred to get chained CCed in game. Want to play as 1 char 100% of the time? That’s what bots battles and story is for.

Versus draft should be home of the premades & I know GBX wants all the premades to go there but nothing is stopping them from going into regular quick match as well. Maybe make challenges like - “Win 10 Versus Draft Matches for a Magnus Pack” … I’m sure many people would go then, including myself lol. Those Magnus Pack skins look so nice…


The most stupid marketing that I’ve seen. Players are already leaving.

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I’ll just respond here

Bots are dumb and act like new guys
New guys are dumb and act like bots

Why is it so bad to pit bots against new guys for like two, maybe three matches… It’s equal skill levels, yet sometimes the bots are bit better, giving the new guys the opportunity to work around the bots’ challenge. When fighting other humans (other noobs) it’s practically a dice roll of whether or not they’ll provide a good match. The only way it’ll be lopsided towards the human team is if one of the bots is Kid Ultra or Boldur lol

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Also can only talk about PC. I’ve never found any other game than Meltdown or Incursion after it was changed back from Casual/Competitive/Spotlight last year with the exception of one Face Off game during a Chaos Rumble and this was such a bad triple Galilea spawncamping against me and some very low levels that I stopped playing PvP for the rest of the year and almost swore an oath to never solo queue again. I also haven’t seen a balanced team for a while now, unless it was a full premade that didn’t only consist of people with >800 hours, but also had some PvE-scrubs like me in it and some new people.

I was out of town when solo queue was first introduced and couldn’t play it, but tried to find a game in there almost every wednesday afterwards and couldn’t find a single person (I give up searching after 20 minutes, when I only have an hour for playing).

Yea, when it first came out it was like a weekday to the weekend event (if I remember correctly). I think it would have been more populated if it was on a day during the weekend than a weekday due to work & NA servers were almost a ghost town till prime time during weekdays

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You want to know what’s screwy? I constantly DO NOT get matched with low-level players. I keep seeing the same 700-1500 hour players I’ve seen for the past three months, and I’m damned tired of swimming in the deep end.

I will admit, I did see a few new players in Bots. But in QM, it’s Cheers, except I don’t want to know everybody’s name.

When I’m not losing my patience with Battleborn, I hang out in Japanese mobile games. Due to some combination of factors – likely cultural mentality combined with all the anti-gambling legislation forcing some level of fairness --I feel they’ve hit the sweet spot for daily giveaway value. In USD, it’s somewhere between $1 and $2, just for logging in to the game, and upwards of $3 if you play new content for about an hour.

My point is this – by comparison, the Gearbox/2K agreed-upon daily return is pathetically low. Now that Battleborn is F2P (in everything but the marketing), the powers that be should really agree to ramp up the incentives. I feel they could truly could catch more flies with honey, here, but it seems like someone in the decision chain is being very, very stubborn.


Can we make, like, a petition or something for Gearbox/2k to advertise this game more? It’s 2k’s decision, really, but I figure it’d have to go through Gearbox. Man, if only Gearbox could sign it too. But if they did that, could that be a risk to their job?


Why not just make our own trailers? I’m tempted to get Bob Reed, the guy who voiced Kleese, to voice a fan made trailer… but I’m not sure what the legal ramifications would be of doing that

The irony with this is I feel like they’re (2K) saying, “We’ll see how many people this brings in before we dump money into advertising” while in the bigger picture you need to dump money into advertising to get the people to bring in.

I hate to say it but this was once again a situation where all the pieces for success were there and some really odd decisions were made and some crucial windows were missed.


You should probably get in contact with Gearbox on that, though I think that’s a longshot, like my proposition.

I’ll ask.

Hey! @Jythri ! Are there any problems with me getting Bob Reed to voice Kleese in a fan trailer?! (aside from his hiring costs, which is going to be the main problem for me)

If u r rly up to this, make one of those fund me things, ill help with a little bit of $$.

Instead of spend in microtransactions this month i can use it for something usefull like adv!!

Well, I’d need to find out if it’s okay for me to do first. There’s a lot of legal stuff surrounding characters and their voice actors, and someone higher up might be all “nah, I’m NOT okay with this”


Uh, this isn’t my area of expertise, but I’m going to venture that yes, there is a legal issue. I’m flattered you want to make a trailer, but if you want to create new content for our IP, you would likely need some kind of agreement with our marketing.

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Figured as much. Well, bang goes my idea then. Now I’m really stuck on how to get people’s attention to this awesome game, because gameplay and just talking about it doesn’t seem to help much :sweat:

Since the trial game wasn’t working for some people until they fixed it a few minutes ago, lack of advertising is not the problem.

If we’re gonna fog up the windows playing the guessing game, I’d say 2K is probably focusing on two things:


  • With regards to Gearbox, providing funding for Borderlands 3, Borderlands spinoffs, and Borderlands merchandising, merchandising! ($$$)
  • With regards to everything else, promoting XCOM 2’s announcement and their sports titles at E3.

I’d guess, at the moment, this Battleborn thing is on the backburner – a sort of, “if it’s in the budget, we’ll do some more stuff with it, otherwise, please shift resources to getting Borderlands stuff finished to the point we can show it off, start taking preorders, and otherwise promote these products months, or even years in advance of their tentative release date.”

I mean, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen someone on social media say, “ENUF, Gearbox, bring on MOAR BOARDERLANDZZZZ”. Like that franchise or not, it’s got a cult following, one that is hardly discerning when it comes to the quality of the product. That’s not to say Gearbox doesn’t make quality product (game development be hard), but in the case of Borderlands, quick, cheap quantity will certainly sell, and I’m sure 2K knows that.

Then again, I’m just grasping at straws. Maybe there’s actually an evil anti-Battleborn illuminati, that has undermined every chance this game had at success, via back-room deals and key assassinations. I don’t think that’s likely, but you


That lasted how long again?

Marketing should have been there since the game’s launch and before it. Marketing IS the problem. A hiccup like the trial thing is barely anything compared to the effect advertisement has.


You’re god damn right … -_-