Free Trial Is Destine For Failure: Decide its Fate


I’m not as patient as you are; if I start a new game and there’s a bug so bad that I can’t play, I delete the game.

I wasn’t playing it at the time of the bug and didn’t know about til after it was fixed. Did you actually delete your game?

I liked the first threeish days of the game, but for the last two days I haven’t been able to get into a game at all. Well… It was a fun five matches. I’ll give it a few more chances at different times before I uninstall.

Well, they could have solved this issue with marketing and slapping it on the front page of steam, or in the F2P section (bypassing rules, presumably, though that might open a can of worms)… but no, no sir, too much for 2k and GBX marketing team to handle…

Even if they do, it’s too late for that. The hard part is keeping players in this game.

If they slapped this on the front page of Steam, I can guarantee it would bring a massive influx of players.

The #2 problem is matchmaking, but if the game gets above 20,000 players it could function with perfectioin. Or they could just re-work the “veteran” stage matchmaking (above level 20)