Free way to test?

Any ideas of a free way I could test the game on my rig? I was having problems, partly due to to poor framerates and I sadly cancelled my Pre-Order. I have made some tweaks and I’d like to see if they fixed the problems. I really enjoyed the game during CTT.

The open beta was early last month, its over now. I don’t think there is any other way to test though.

How far are you from the Cherokee rez?
We have several robust machines available.

Steam has a short window for returns now. You could try it and if you can’t run it return it. Just make sure you read the policy there are play time limits I beleive.

Correct. You have to ask for a refund within two weeks of purchase date and played the game for less than two hours.
Enough time to test it out.

Ok thanks, seems like that will be the best option.

The refund applies to the pre-purchased games too. You should pre-purchase the game now to not miss the Battleborn Firstborn Pack. Sadly the Battleborn Firstborn Pack offer won’t apply once the game gets released.

Good luck.