Free weekend Borderlands 3 on PS4/5

Hi, i would really like to try the borderlands 3 on my ps5, before buying that. I am really excited for the haptic support and adaptive triggers. But how am I supposed to activate that on the ps store? I have active ps plus membership. I searched whole ps store even america located and nothing, even not a mention about that, the borderlands 3 has free weekend. Thanks for anybody to help.

Tried adding it to cart?

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I can confirm exactly same issue. I have same currency to. Is it possible that somebody forgot about our country? :smiley:

IDK, if I create an American account, i will also need a ps plus. So I guess i will have to buy the full version.

That might be region issue indeed, but still should work for you.

So what should we do? It there any chance or we are screwed?

I hope not, I submited the help request on the gearbox software, hope they can make it before the free weekend ends.

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It is not specific to your county. I am in the US and we cannot ccess the free weekend either. hn I contacted Sony, they acted a if they knew nothing about the free weekend. I sent them all information they requested and they didn’t reply again. On my PS4, they even advertise the free weekend under “Free Games”, but when you go into it, they don’t have it as a free game. Super frustrating that no one has addressed it!

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It is not a region issue. I’m in th US and I, along with many others on Twitter who are Playstation users, cannot access the free weekend. It is not available on the Playstation store.

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I’m sorry to hear that, but thanks for info :slight_smile: It gives us at least small chance, they could let us try some other weekend :slight_smile:

Hey I contacted the gearbox support. They say it is broken on playstation and they are not going to do anything about it, because it tommorow ends. No comment.

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Wow - that’s unhelpful!! What a joke! Funny that no one seems to know about the issue even though it began two days ago. It’s more than frustrating quite honestly. We are missing out on the chance to check out the DLC’s included, as well as the Ledgendary loot available in the vending machines. Had every intention to save progress and buy the game at the end of the free weekend (because its on sale), but this issue will have me buying something else! Thank you for sharing the response ps45ka!

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DLCs were not included.

A real company would correct the issue and then have a free week.

Correct - not the DLC - my mistake - it was the seasonal events that were available. Do you think that somehow makes it better??

I was not so lucky with my case on GearBox. He is just playing for time and making fun of me. Even when he requested video with all steps.
And this is his finnishing move to me:
“I really hope that guide helps so you can get some Borderlands gaming before the weekend is up!”

Forgot to add link. This is the “guide” that I should follow:

2K support, correct? I’ve had my own issues with them.

If you get one of those “please rate your interaction” emails, I suggest you use it to politely but firmly make your disappointment (along with the reasons for it) clear.

I suspect that the 1st tier support folks are under a lot of pressure to clear tickets, because you often get nothing but scripted responses based on whatever the agent latched on to while skimming your report.